Follow your TV audience up to their conversion

Capitalise on your TV investments to improve your online results

Magnify your AdWords visibility at key moments in your TV campaigns
Collect a maximum of TV viewers who search related content on Google in the minutes after a TV spot
Triple your AdWords CTR and profitability of your SEA traffic.
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Prolong your TV engaged audience’ experience on digital media with TV/Web retargeting.
Reach the greatest number of potential customers with audience expansion
Ramp up your conversion rates and your visibility
Your TV ads lead to a jump in Google searches. So, how can you capitalize on that effect and collect 100% of your TV audience with purchase intent?
Boosting your AdWords visibility when your ad is aired on TV ensures you get maximum engagement by avoiding the loss of your TV audience to other ads.
Research has shown that visitors inspired by TV advertising convert up to seven times morethan web traffic coming from other channels. This makes it essential to capture each of your television-audience visitors and prolong their experience all the way to conversion.
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Adboost’s machine learning algorithms automatically select the best channels and time slots to boost your campaigns in Google Adwords and your CTR.
How? Adboost continuously analyses the impact of millions synced channels on your Adwords performance and predicts what combinations will deliver the best CTR on your Adwords ad.
And what if your ads are not airing on TV during a certain slot, but your competitors’ ads are? Take advantage of a favourable TV context and increase your traffic thanks to your competitors’ TV investments.
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Double your exposure and your CTR thanks to adboost !
Download our success story and see how ASSU 2000 managed to boosts its digital acquisition with !
Double your exposure by combining the power of TV with the pinpoint targeting of digital media.
TV visitors are highly engaged, but not necessarily inclined to convert straight away. With Adextend, maximize the conversion of your TV audience by repeating your message to the right people on digital media.
With its user-centric analysis technology, the platform identifies your television-audience visitors and labels them with a TV cookie. By cross referencing that data with DMP or retargeting platforms, lets you segment your TV viewers and track them on the web.
With a captive TV audience, now is your chance to extend their customer journey on digital media!
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Customization/AB Testing
Customize your messages and calls-to-action when your TV audience visits your website. By displaying an offer that fits the context of your TV ad, you increase the chances of converting your TV audience.
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Direct retargeting
Many Internet users need a certain degree of repetition before making up their minds. Take advantage of's identification technology to repeat your message to your TV audience and boost their conversion rate.
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Lookalike retargeting
Broaden your field of action and your digital-conversion rate by targeting consumers that are similar to your TV audience. How? By using lookalike algorithms to identify profiles that match your TV engaged audience.