We have developped a dynamic calculation methodology of the ad's impact without static and theoretical approximations

Measure the impact of your TV & RADIO commercials on your online business

Discover your offline advertising impact on the traffic and conversion rate of your website and applications. Access your reports in real time: your sorted TV and RADIO data can be filtered and exported in SCV and Excel formats. Monitor your site-centric indicators (rebound rate, average session time, pages seen per session...) and discover your visitors' profiling (global measure and TV & RADIO period measurement).

Optimize your TV & RADIO media plans and maximize your R.O.I.

With Admo.tv, receive personalized campaign reports with your advertising campaign KPIs. Thanks to a deep analysis and a segmented data presentation, optimize your advertising performance by channel, spot, day-part, direct and indirect conversions, acquisitions costs or GRPs. Maximize your direct and indirect impact and increase your advertising R.O.I. by 30% to 50% thanks to strategic media plans choices.

Control your media plan thanks to real-time monitoring

Thanks to its patented technology of advertising recognition, Admo.tv guarantees real time tracking of TV and RADIO commercials. Discover the exact broadcast hours of all your spots and gain visibility on your media plans.