Measure the impact of your radio ads on your business and your brand

The goal of our Analytics is to boost the ROI and overall impact of your radio ads.
Our proprietary technology’s highly meticulous measurement lets you validate or optimise your media choices by selecting the best combinations (versions/stations/day part/day) to achieve your objectives.
With the platform, you can independently export the results of your radio analysis while our expert teams remain at your disposal. offers you reports with recommendations to let you get the most out of your radio Analytics. works with all French radio stations, nationally owned or independent, as well as the major international stations.
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A radio spot can boost online traffic by up to 70% in terms of visits right after the airing
With its unique audio-recognition technology and purpose-built algorithms, Analytics delivers real-time tracking of the impact of your radio ads on your online environment.
By quantifying your radio-attributed visitors, you can avail of new data, such as the drive-to-web impact of your radio campaigns, or your audience engagement. This information empowers you to make the right decisions for your radio strategy.
Welcome to the era of radio analytics ! Time for business !
A radio ad always impacts the advertiser’s online environment, both directly and indirectly.
The indirect effect means the capacity of an ad to engage visitors, not just immediately after airing, but over the following hours or days.’s unique calculating methodology—developed by our own R&D team—lets you measure that effect and quantify the incremental traffic generated over the long term by the brand-awareness effect of your radio campaign.
The Drive-to-Web impact and indirect vs direct distribution may vary depending on the advertiser's classification (pure player vs branding) and/or media plan (national radio vs independent radio station).
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