Quantify the impact of TV advertising on your business with the first TV Analytics solution

A 360° measure of your TV impact

Thanks to Admo.tv, discover your TV spots impact not only on your business but also on your brand awareness. Campaign after campaign, broaden your customer insights and optimise your user experience thanks to the quantification, the identification and the tracking of your TV audience.

App Tracking
Call Tracking
Digital funnels
Direct conversions
Indirect conversions
Acquisition costs
User centric profiling
Device usage
Site-centric indicators
Persistence of the indirect effect
Repetition analysis
Brand awareness
Social resonance
The goal of our TV Analytics is to increase your ROI and the impact of your TV ads on your business and brand awareness. 
On average, a TV ad leads to a 37% increase in the advertiser’s traffic. Admo.tv uses its ad-detection technology and its proprietary tracking system to analyse that "drive-to-web" effect and optimize it.
With the advantage of an extremely meticulous and precise measurement of the impact of your TV ads, you can validate or optimize your media choices by choosing the best combinations to achieve your objectives. Channels, day-parts, days, context, position in the ad break, etc. You can scrutinize your TV impact through the prism of all the factors that influence the effectiveness of your media strategy. 
You can independently export the results of your TV analysis, or call on the guidance of our expert teams to reap the greatest benefit from your TV Analytics.!
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The Admo.tv platform gives you a real-time measurement of your TV impact on your online environment: website (Drive-To-Web) or mobile application (Drive-To-App).
Our proprietary TV-tracking technology tells you to the nearest second when your ads are aired on television. Our dynamic-calculation algorithms determine the incremental traffic generated by each of your TV ads and let you monitor the effectiveness of your broadcasts in real time.
And since TV impact is not limited to visits brought in by TV, the Admo.tv platform also lets you measure the impact of your ads on your conversions: sign-ups, cart, app downloads, and more.
Whether your business is a pure player or a traditional brick-and-mortar advertiser, Admo.tv Analytics adapts to fit your needs. You define the KPIs that matter for your business and Admo.tv delivers the results!
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Indirect impact means the capacity of a TV ad to engage visitors — not just immediately after airing, but over the following hours or days.
Admo.tv lets you measure that effect and quantify the incremental traffic generated over the long term via the brand-awareness effect of your TV campaign.
The indirect effect of your campaign depends on a range of external factors (recurrent themes in the news, seasonality, current affairs, the weather, etc.). Upon your request, our R&D teams calculate your long-term impact, taking account of such kinds of external factors, as well as your historical data and overall marketing mix.
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Patented technology
Of all the TV Analytics platforms on the market, only Admo.tv developed its own advertising-recognition technology. That proprietary technology — patented in Europe — provides exhaustive analysis. Learn more
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Unrivaled measurement precision
Thanks to its unique and dynamic methodology for calculating TV impact, Admo.tv makes a commitment to provide measurements with over 99% reliability.
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The only 360° offer on the market
With more than six years’ experience in the TV/Web convergence market, Admo.tv is the only service provider that covers the marketing funnel from top to bottom—from boosting acquisition to final conversion.
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Support without borders
Admo.tv’s technology can monitor any channel in the world to help you monitor your international television-advertising campaigns.
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